About Compliance

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Compliance is a pop music project by Greg Sabo. He draws on the styles and techniques of 80s synthpop bands such as Depeche Mode, the Pet Shop Boys, and New Order. Compliance boldly depicts the postmodern age. It finds both joy and alienation in the ways that technology has molded the world.

Born in the Midwest, Greg took to performing at a young age. The people of his small, rural hometown found him odd. He loved to perform flamboyant ballet choreography. He decorated his parent’s yard with high-concept and grotesque Halloween installations. He spent hours sequencing electronic beats on the family computer.

Later, as he studied composition at Webster University, he became fixated on computer music. He learned how to code so that he could compose experimental algorithmic pieces for humans and synthesizers. His senior year, he composed a theatrical song cycle on the themes of love and guilt. The day after it premiered, he came out as gay.

During the past decade, Greg met and married his husband. He also recorded hundreds of tracks. Inspired by the sound of classic synthesizers, his music combines conceptual and thematic expressions with accessible storytelling. As Compliance, he is bringing that music to a wider audience.